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Black Rifle League and our Range Safety Officers (RSO) take safety very seriously. We strive to provide a safe environment for all participants at our events. Thus we have implemented the following safety guidelines below that all participants must follow.


Junior Participants - We know our youth today that participate in firearms training, safety and firearms events such as IDPA, Steel Dragons, ASI are part of our future. Here at Black Rifle League we do allow junior shooters to participate in Black Rifle League though we do require that one of our chief range safety officers evaluates them before participating in any Black Rifle League event. 

Other Safety Protocols
  • Touching / Handling Weapons in RackAll participants are to leave their rifles in the rack untouched until their name is called by an RSO. If at any time you need to temporarily touch your rifle in the rack (i.e. turn off an optic or a flashlight) please grab the attention of one of our RSO's
  • Conceal Carry / Loaded SidearmDuring Black Rifle League we request participants to please do not have any handguns loaded while during the event. This applies to concealed pistol holders. 
What ammo / items are not allowed - Below is are a list of items that are not allowed on the range or the action bays at any Black Rifle League events. ​
  • Armor piercing / tracer / incendiary ammo. This is also applied to Streak Visual Ammo
  • Alcohol of any kind

Are NFA items permitted? - NFA items are allowed such as Short Barreled Rifles and Suppressors are allowed permitted you are legally in posession of those items.

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