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Black Rifle League takes the safety of their participants seriously. Thus during the year, namely around the fall and winter we do have to contend with severe weather around here.

  • SNOW / ICE - In the event of snowfall or ice, the event will be canceled due to safety. The risk of someone slipping and discharging a round the wrong direction or sending one off the range is something we cannot let happen.

  • SVRC ROAD - The road leading into SVRC is NOT PLOWED during the winter, the county does not plow that road. So traveling down it, is at the person's own risk. Again another reason why we would call the event off if there is significant snowfall or ice.

  • WINDSTORMS / BLIZZARDS - Given the range is surrounded by trees, if there is a windstorm happening or a blizzard, we have to call the event off due to safety.

  • CREDIT for CANCELED EVENTS - If we have to cancel an event for a weather related event, your match fee can be used as credit for a future event.

  • NOTIFICATION - If the decision is to cancel the event, we will notify all participants within 24-48hrs before an event via email and text message as well as on here on Facebook.

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