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“The next evolution in shooting sports”

Welcome to Black Rifle League Night Ops!

The Night Ops series of events has been introduced based on community feedback, aiming to provide additional low light matches during the season. In months when shooting in low light conditions isn't feasible due to sunset, Night Ops stages offer increased complexity or involve the use of different equipment.

These low light matches are specifically designed to accommodate night vision equipment and white light usage. Night Ops stages are designed to assess particular skills or test the limitations of equipment. Participants can challenge themselves with a VTAC 9 Hole drill or evaluate their light's performance against photonic barriers.

To maintain a certain level of proficiency and ensure safety, Night Ops matches are exclusively open to Black Rifle League Members with a history of match shooting, 3 or more Black Rifle League matches or similar. Exceptions can be considered on an individual basis by reaching out to the Night Ops Coordinator. If you're not already a member, you can become one at

For Questions / Ideas / Sponsorship opportunities, please reach out to the Night Ops Coordinator at

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